The China Film Experience

Colony Films is all about bridging the cultural gap between China and South Africa. China is a fascinating country with great visual appeal and a massive film-hungry audience, but it can be a touch daunting for many international film-makers wanting to tap its potential. We can make it more accessible by providing a skill-set that matches the need whether it be commercial, TV show, film or documentary.

The South African Film Experience

At the same time, we aim to be a similar link to Chinese productions wanting to take advantage of the unique African scenery and affordability of South Africa. The South African Government, through the Department of Trade and Industry, offers a package of incentives to promote its film production and post-production industry. 

The incentives consist of the Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production incentive to attract foreign-based film productions to shoot on location in South Africa and conduct post-production activities, and the South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production incentive, which aims to assist local film producers in the production of local content. 

Let’s also remember that South Africa is blessed with stunning scenery, moderate all-year-round temperatures and the exchange rate, especially now, is very favourable.

Image of development


  • script development
  • co-pro partnering
  • SARFT script submission
  • location scouting
  • casting
  • crew assembly
  • DTI application¬†
Image of production


  • equipment rental
  • shooting
  • on set interpretation
  • catering
  • accommodation
Image of post-production in Colony Films


  • editing studios
  • color grading
  • music composition
Image of film distribution for Colony Films


  • video-on-demand
  • cinema release
  • in-flight
  • DVD